Tuesday, March 31, 2009



There's a lot out there in the blog world, so much so that it is easy to become overwhelmed and grow numb. But one of the blogs to which I keep returning is Fr. Stephen Freeman's "Glory To God For All Things." Often, the entries are so deep that I have to click away from them and reel a little, perhaps for a day or two, before I finish reading them or re-read them. Anyway, I found this entry particuarly insightful--


and not only the entry itself, but one of the comments, which I'll (inadequately!) paraphrase here:

God is always singing, and the reason we don't hear it is because God has never not been singing; the sound is so deeply present in our experience that we don't recognize it--it's always been there. If it were to stop, everything would fall apart.

This is glorious.

Ralph Waldo Emerson has said that the sky is the daily bread for our eyes. I love to look at the sky in all kinds of weather, and to rejoice that it's always there--something everyone has in common that is simultaneously completely near and mostly beyond us. I think that God's singing is the daily bread for our sense of hearing, even though we can't identify it with our natural ears.

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