Friday, March 13, 2009

Heart-lifting Words


"It is God's will that we receive three things from him as gifts as we seek.

The first is that we seek willingly and diligently without sloth, as that may be with his grace, joyfully and happily, without unreasonable depression and useless sorrow.

The second is that we wait for him steadfastly, out of love for him, without grumbling and contending against him, to the end of our lives, for that will last only for a time.

The third is that we have great trust in him, out of complete and true faith, for it is his will that we know that he will appear, suddenly and blessedly, to all his lovers.

For he works in secret, and he will be perceived, and his appearing will be very sudden.

And he wants to be trusted, for he is very accessible, familiar and courteous, blessed may he be. "

Julian of Norwich

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wl jonathan said...

I ll tell you a secret that can help you in your search.

If God is not everything, he is not.

That and that only is the way to God.

Not the wrong interpretations of the churches, which had their value.