Monday, March 9, 2009

Set Apart in Space



All things are far set apart in space;
Spring buds pushing out, more distant,
Add to the span of last year’s branches,
And we carry on, from those who lie under stones,
Who built before us. Those buds, so far apart,
Connect to sap and earth,
And to the Maker.

All is far set apart in space; atoms, not things,
But relationships and energies, infinities in miniature.
To say “God is” takes no revelation.
To say “God is Love” implies relationship within God,
Oneness, but oneness of different persons.
We are not persons, except linked over distances,
One to another, and to the Maker.

All set apart, the bodies in space,
So far apart that there is not a thing
Except the Trinity—He the only thing:
Only He goes far enough to span
The emptiness of space between all,
Making something out of nothing,
Linking all things to the Maker.

All things are so far set apart
That without a soul, all things are not.
Your soul holds all the universe,
Though the universe cannot hold one soul.
Mystically, He has put more in one soul
Than is found in all worlds. As an atom
Is not a thing but a relation, persons are persons
Only as they are linked in the Maker.

Copyright 2004 Matthew R. Brown

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