Sunday, April 26, 2009

What We Sang

O Lord, shining with the splendor of Your divinity,
You came through closed doors to Your Disciples,
showing Your pierced side, the wounds from the nails,
dispelling all sadness and sorrow!
O friends, see that I am not a spirit, but truly man!
You commanded the disbelieving Disciple to look,
saying: “Prove to yourself, then come and believe!”
He touched Your side with his own hand and cried in faith and fear:
“My Lord and my God, glory to You

O most glorious wonder!
Doubt bore certain faith!
Thomas said: “Unless I see, I shall not believe!”
By touching His side, he blessed the incarnate Son of God, Who had
suffered in the flesh,
and he proclaimed the resurrected God,
crying out with joy: “My Lord and my God, glory to You!”

O most glorious wonder!
Thomas placed his hand on the fiery side of Jesus Christ, God!
He was not scorched by this,
but his doubt changed to certain faith, and he cried fervently:
“You are my Master and my God.
Glory to You, Who have resurrected from the dead!”

O most glorious wonder!
John the Apostle leaned on the Savior's breast,
and Thomas was made worthy to touch His side.
The one thus understood the depths of theology;
the other was privileged to announce the mystery of the Resurrection to
crying: “My Lord and my God, glory to You!”

How great is the abundance of Your compassion, O Lover of mankind!
Because of Your long-suffering, You were struck by the Jews,
You were examined by an Apostle and touched by those who denied You.
How are You incarnate?
How are You crucified?
You have not known sin!
Make us understand like Thomas, that we may call out to You:
“My Lord and my God, glory to You!”

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