Friday, January 16, 2009

Society Against the Domestication of Perplexity (SADOP)

In this realm, one never knows when officials from the Society Against the Domestication of Perplexity (known as SADOPs) may show up in one’s front hallway—they don’t have to knock, of course, since each team possesses a Universal Key, and may conduct a sweep at will, sometimes twice in the same afternoon, other times decades after the most “recent” visit.

Eschewing all intimidation-producing gear such as weapons or badges, the operatives command respect merely by the understated nobility of their presence, which elicits in those they visit a peculiar, bittersweet near-gladness--rather than attempting to hide evidence of Perplexity-Domestication Activities, the citizens feel themselves irresistibly inspired to throw open the doors of their closets and refrigerators and unbolt the latches of their souls so that they may be liberated from their cigarettes, romance novels, astrological charts, and triple-cream strudels, as well as from their reflexive mental mechanisms of anxiety, indifference, and peevish self-definition—everything they have acquired or devised to distract themselves from the raw and feral sensation of existence in the world.

(a tiny story copyrighted by me, and probably with revision necessary)

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