Friday, August 29, 2008

On looking in all the wrong places...

Song: Not There

I went to the cupboard, I opened the door,
I cried to my people, O it's not there!
"How long did you think it would last?" said the cook,
Said the butler, "Does anyone care?"
But where is it, where is it? O it's not there,
Not there to be saved, not there to be saved,
If I'm saved it will not be there.

I ran to a plate, to a pig, to a dish,
An old china pig, a plate, to a pear,
Said, To find it, O, I will look anywhere,
Said, Anywhere, Anywhere..."Look anywhere,"
Said the plate as it laughed, "yes, look anywhere;
There's as good as here, here's at good as there--
For where shall you look to be saved?"

I said to my people, the plate, to the cupboard,
The pig on its platter, the pear, the pear:
O where is my salvation?

"O it's not anywhere.
You break in my head like a dish," said the plate,
"A pig," said the pig, "a pear," said the pear--
Not there to be saved, go not there to be saved,
If you're saved it will not be there.

Randall Jarrell

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