Thursday, November 18, 2010


This morning I'm thinking about the unresolved stuff in my life--relationships, etc.-- not merely unresolved but seemingly unresolvable.

And I look around me and see that there is unresolved stuff in other people's lives too.

But there is a kind of painful beauty, even a glory in the the very fact that nothing's finished yet, that it's still all going on, molecule by molecule, nano-second by nano-second, generation by generation, visibly and invisibly...

In it. We are in it.

The end: inextricable from the process through which it is slowly and strangely revealed.



s-p said...

Yes... I think that is why St. Paul says in Romans 5 "we are saved by hope". If all is resolved we have no reason to hope or believe beyond the delusions of this fragile existence. There is a beauty to a work not yet completed that we need to learn to see.

Anonymous God-blogger said...

Thank you, S-P!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Amen to your remarks and s-p's, and I LOVE that painting (as always with yours).

Anonymous God-blogger said...

Thank you, Anastasia, but it's not my painting! It's a photo I got from the internet! Happy Thanksgiving!