Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thinking About a Song


...that profoundly, though perhaps ungrammatically, asks God to "speak a little softer so I can hear You..."

(Maybe it should be "a little more softly"?)

We tend to want everything God says to us to be really obvious and even blatant...I love the way this prayer subverts that false desire! The prayer seems as mischievous--against the whiny, insecure parts of us that would eschew mystery!) as it is joyful.



nothinghypothetical.com said...

Christ is the foundation of the world, so if we want to seek Him, we must journey down into humility; for the king of heaven emptied Himself to make the world full and we must empty ourselves to be filled with Him.

Anonymous God-blogger said...

Thank you--it's all paradoxical, isn't it?

s-p said...

Yes, if we'd be quiet maybe God COULD speak a little more softly. :)