Friday, February 27, 2009

"Do Not Think That What Happens Now Is Very Different"


"When you hear that Christ descended into hell in order to deliver the souls dwelling there, do not think that what happens now is very different. The heart is a tomb and there our thoughts and our intellect are buried, imprisoned in heavy darkness. And so Christ comes to the souls in hell that call upon him, descending, that is to say, into the depths of the heart; and there he commands death to release the imprisoned souls that call upon him, for he has power to deliver us. Then, lifting up the heavy stone that oppresses the soul, and opening the tomb, he resurrects us--for we were truly dead--and releases our imprisoned soul from its lightless prison."

St. Makarios of Egypt

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timeless said...

God sees all things past, present and future. Therefore God's(in the Person of Jesus) descent into Hell is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.