Thursday, April 7, 2011


"He is closer to us than we are to ourselves, although we do not see Him.

...If He should teach us how to follow Him into the wilderness of His own freedom, we will no longer know where we are, because we are with Him who is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


God approaches our minds by receding from them.

We can never fully know Him if we think of Him as an object of capture, to be fenced in by the enclosure of our own ideas.

We know Him better after our minds have let Him go.

The Lord travels in all directions at once.

The Lord arrives from all directions at once.

Wherever we are, we find that He has just departed.

Wherever we go, we discover that He has just arrived before us.

Our rest can be neither in the beginning of this pursuit, nor in the pursuit itself, nor in its apparent end. For the true end, which is Heaven, is an end without end. It is a totally new dimension, in which we come to rest in the secret that He must arrive at the moment of His departure; His arrival is at every moment and His departure is not fixed in time."

-Thomas Merton


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