Friday, December 3, 2010



"I'm certain...that a great many things I thought were weeds when I first started my journey have turned out to be my wheat. So many things I was sure were my greatest virtues--my best wheat--have turned out to be my demons and weeds. And if I had pulled them out too quickly...I would have lost some of my greatest gifts.

Conversely, much that I thought was my wheat, my true gifts, have turned out to be the source of my greatest and most denied faults. Only time and suffering sorted them out a bit. Thus Jesus courageously says, 'Let them both grow together until the harvest.' Quite amazing and quite untraditional teaching. Jesus does not see religion as the enforcement of law and order in the world, but much more as the school of the soul, the training ground for union."



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Anonymous said...

I said once, that the difference between heaven and earth is that on earth every blessing comes with a curse and ever curse a blessing. No such paradoxes exist in the next age.