Friday, April 30, 2010

Hospital Time


Well, on Saturday, one of my sons was in a motorcycle accident in CT (he was passing through), and now I'm with him in the hospital in Stamford. He broke and arm and a leg, with skin damage, and severed the radial nerve in his arm. Has had two surgeries, and there are metal plates and screws where the breaks are. Statistically, it is likely that he will recover some function of his hand in about a year's time, with further surgery possible to create compensation from the tendon. In the meantime, I'll be taking him back to Cambridge in order to pack and move to DC where he has a summer job--he's in a wheelchair, and we'll see how it goes--I'll stay with him as long as I'm needed--a month or two? We don't know.

Things for which I am thankful:
--The incredible love and prayer support of my friends/loved ones
--When he hit the guard rail, he was not thrown onto the road where cars could run over him.
--The couple who immediately stopped to help him were both doctors.
--It was his non-dominant hand and arm that were affected.
--He does have sensation in his hand, and can squeeze with it, though there are other things he can't do (lifting of hand and fingers and wrist).

Things I've learned:
--A nerve grows about a millimeter a day.
--The Tappan Zee Bridge needs repaving.
--Connecticut is gorgeous.
--The population/building density situation is really different here--so much so that Target is on two floors, and has a parking garage. Imagine, paying to park at Target!

I am thankful that God is keeping us throughout all of this. Hospital Time has been weird--alternately suspended and episodic. I'll blog again when I can--not sure when.

Christ is risen!



s-p said...

Wow, thank God he wasn't more seriously injured. May your time with him be blessed.

Anonymous God-blogger said...

Thank you!