Monday, May 18, 2009

"Hermaneutic of Suspicion"


Because my "guest cat" is out of her comfort zone (her territory and owner) a hermaneutic of suspicion is what she has toward me--despite the fact that I've given her wet cat food, something she rarely gets at home.

She interprets everything I do as aggression and hostility, even if I'm merely walking past her, let alone attempting to proffer even the most gentle and tentative signs of affection.

She's already drawn blood! For a very small cat, she's quite fierce.

A few minutes ago, I lay down on the floor and was still, hoping that coming "down to her level" and simply being present might help her acclimate. She WANTED affection--she prowled around me again and again, but she was afraid--she growled and whined the whole time.

And this is how I so often behave with God--in the world of faith, I am out of my comfort zone, so I question and struggle with everything, assuming the worst...when God means only good toward all of us...


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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Demetrios says I do that to him, too. "You still don't believe I love you, do you? Really, truly, unconditionally, I love you. You always seem to expect me to hurt you."

Must be past hurts from elsewhere...