Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More on Questions

"The toughest questions are never on paper. They are asked and answered in flesh and blood, laughter and tears."

Douglas J. Rumford, Questions God Asks, Questions Satan Asks

Rumford seems to suggest that the toughest questions are not so much conceptual as incarnational, lived out in experience, relationally.



Doug P. Baker said...

That's an awesome and daunting thought!

Gordy Thomas said...

Yes. That is a major difference between western Protestant thought and Eastern Orthodox thought. In the salvation of the west, the focus is on having been saved and where salvation is taking us. Ours is more properly called a "saving knowledge" of God (The Apostle Saint Thomas: "My Lord and My God!") This causes every moment of every day and night to become a question for us: How will we respond? Who can we serve? What is the humble or "Royal" way?...and so on.