Friday, June 6, 2008

One Author's Portrayal of What It Might Have Felt Like To Be Jesus

From Anne Rice's The Road to Cana:

"'Mother,' I said. 'There are things I know, and things I don't know. Sometimes knowledge comes to me unexpectedly--in moments of surprise. Sometimes it comes when I'm pressed, and in my sudden answers to those who press me. Sometimes, this knowledge comes in pain. Always, there's the certainty that the knowledge is more than I will let myself know. It's just beyond where I choose to reach, just beyond what I choose to ask. I know it will come when I have need of it. I know it may come, as I said, on its own. But some things I know certainly and have always known. There's no surprise. There's no doubt.'"

(then a few paragraphs later:)

"'There come these moments....these heart-breaking moments when we first feel joy and sadness intertwined. Such a discovery that is, when grief becomes sweet. I remember feeling this perhaps for the very first time when we came to this place, all of us together, and I walked up the hill above Nazareth and saw the green grass alive with flowers, the tiniest flowers--so many flowers, and all of it, grass and flowers and trees, moving as if in a great dance. It hurt....It hurt...But it was to be cherished...forever.'"

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